Position: Fencing, Trough, and Tank Installation Crew Member

Location: Near Normanton in The Gulf of Carpentaria

Job Type: Full-time, Camping out with the crew

I am recruiting a staff member for a fencing, trough and tank installation contractor based near Normanton in The Gulf of Carpentaria. This position requires the candidate to be camping out with the entire crew.



  1. Some prior experience in fencing, trough, and tank installation
  2. Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions
  3. Physically fit and capable of lifting heavy materials
  4. Some welding experience or be willing to learn how to weld
  5. Team player with the willingness to follow supervisor instructions
  6. General station maintenance



  1. Installation of fencing, troughs, and tanks as per specifications
  2. Assist with digging, lifting, and transporting materials
  3. Maintain cleanliness and organization at work sites
  4. Effective communication with team and supervisors
  5. Strict adherence to safety protocols
  6. Clean and healthy habits



– Starlink internet provided

– Meals included

– Competitive day rate

To apply for this position, please email you Resume to jobs@bushrecruitment.com.au